Blogtober - Day 9 - On Turning 31

So predictably I've missed a couple of days of Blogtober but in my defence it has been my birthday weekend and I've spent most of it either busy, drunk or hungover. So blogging wasn't at the forefront of my mind (my bad).

Turning 31 wasn't as painful as I expected. I still remember looking at people in their thirties when I was a teenager and thinking how mature and together they seemed. If your twenties are for dicking about and getting drunk then your thirties are the decade in which you surely should be settling down and getting old gracefully, right? Hasn't really worked out that way for me but there's still time!

I started off my weekend with a post-school run buffet breakfast with my mum tribe who got me some amazing gifts and, unbeknownst to me, ordered prosecco with breakfast! Afterwards I went to get my hair pinked and that evening had a lovely meal out with Jack, my parents and grandparents. On Saturday Jack went to his dads and so I mooched into town where I met a friend for lunch and got my nails done then on Saturday night I had a party at home before venturing into town. Sadly, I haven't got wiser with age, drank my weight in wine and had to go home to bed before I'd even had chance to fling myself around a sticky dance floor to Chelsea Dagger. Sunday was consequently a complete write off but overall it was a really fun weekend.

One thing I've taken from turning 31 is trying to not get too hung up on age related expectations. A lot of my friends are now at the stage where they're getting married and having babies. All of that seems pretty far away for me again now and of course that plays on my mind from time to time. But I've learnt to just crack on, try to make the most of everyday and wait and see what the future holds. You never know what's around the corner.

So here's to 31. Hope it's a good one.

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