Blogtober - Day 6 - Pink Hair Don't Care

They say that your thirties are the decade in which you stop caring about what other people think about you, become more comfortable in your own skin and embrace your identity. Well I turn 31 tomorrow and am fully adopting that idea.

Today, as a little birthday present to me from me, I had my hair done and went a glorious shade of pink. I've always liked brightly coloured hair but never thought I could pull it off (still not convinced). But it wasn't my thoughts that worried me, it was other peoples. Would they think I looked daft? Like  was trying too hard? Mutton? Now, I think sod it. Life is too short to spend your time worrying about what other people think. The only feelings and opinions that matter are your own and those close to you. So now I have pink hair and I quite literally don't care!

Super quick blog post tonight as I'm heading out for a birthday meal with the family. Have you ever dyed your hair any crazy colours?


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