Blogtober - Day 5 - Finding My Mum Tribe

2017 hasn't been a great year for me but one of the more positive things to come out of it has been finding my mum tribe. That very term would have been something I'd have eyerolled at a few months ago but I feel it really does apply to us...we are all mums and we do have a tribe in the sense that we protect each other and have our own weird little customs that other people probably wouldn't understand. Sounds wanky, probably is a bit wanky...but true.

One of the mums in the tribe has been a friend of mine for years. In fact we played together as kids ourselves because our mums were also friends. We lost touch for a few years then reconnected when we fell pregnant at the same time. She introduced me to two of her friends and we all also met another mum on the school run. Over time our playground natters developed into play dates, coffee and nights out. Now a day rarely passes without us speaking in group chat or nipping in for a brew.

Here are just a couple of things I love about my mum tribe.

The kids
Thankfully our kids all get along amazingly and love spending time together. Naturally there's the odd tiff here and there but they genuinely have a great relationship and all play so nicely together. It's lovely to think that they are forming childhood friendships that will hopefully stand the test of time and give them good memories to look back on together. And it's lovely for us to bond and form relationships with each others kids too. My friend's little girl now tells me I'm her best friend (Jack gets a little huffy about this occasionally) which is so sweet.

The laughs
I tend to find that I gravitate towards people who can make me laugh and my mum pals certainly do that. Even if it is in some questionable making lewd creations out of party food (think what you can do with two scotch eggs and a cocktail sausage) to entertain one another at yet another child's party.

The support
Even now, five years on, I still doubt myself as a mother sometimes. It's nice to have like minded people to discuss your parenting woes and worries with. There have been so many times where one of us has crashed group chat with a 'OMG WHAT SHALL I DO?!' message if the kids are poorly/upset/throwing a batshit cray cray tantrum in Tesco. It's nice to have the opinion and guidance of other mums to help you figure out how to make it through the minefield that is parenting successfully.

The company
As humans we thrive from interaction with other people. It's nice to have someone to talk to in the playground or at a kids party. But this year my mum tribe have helped to take away my loneliness in other ways and that's something I'm truly grateful for.


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