Blogtober - Day 3 - Things I Love About October

I've always been a fan of October. Not only is it the official start of autumn - my favourite season by far - but my birthday also falls on the 7th of this month so, for me, October has always been synonymous with presents and parties and love. But what else is great about the month ahead? Well...

Halloween has come on leaps and bounds since our childhood hasn't it? It's such a big deal now. The world and his wife are planning Halloween parties and Jack is already barking orders at me regarding this year's costume. It seems that bin bags with arm holes and plastic masks from Poundstretcher just aren't cutting it anymore. Nevertheless, it's a really fun time of year and with three pagan parties already penciled in this year, it's set to be a good one!

We're lucky to live close to a big park that's perfect for conker hunting. Last year someone told me that putting conkers around your doors and windows deters spiders from coming in the house so we tend to use them for this rather than soaking them in vinegar and tying them to shoelaces. My bad.

Turning the heating on
My stepdad has always actively enforced a no-central-heating-before-October rule and while I'm not nearly so strict about it in my own house, I do still tend to feel a bit guilty about turning the heating on too early in the year. Now it's October there's a definite chill in the air so it's perfectly acceptable to crank dat shit up...not to mention starting to wear snuggly jumpers, oversized scarves and ridiculous bobble hats again. YASSS!

It's such a cliche but there is something a bit magical about watching the leaves change colour and the trees go bare. Jack still loves to don his wellies and go for muddy stomps in the park where we invariably end up coming home with a selection of red/brown/yellow/green/orange leaves and roughly 47 twigs that look like wands/swords/golf clubs etc.

My birthday
Did I mention it's my birthday this Saturday? Turning 31 feels significantly worse than turning 30 because I'm now officially into my thirties instead of just being on the cusp. Last year I tried to make loads of plans, none of which really came to fruition so this year I'm just winging it and hoping for the best. I'm confident there'll be cake and booze and really, what more do you need in life?

So there you have it, a very Blogtobery, Octobery themed post. What do you love about October?


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