Blogtober - Day 2 - Life Lately

As it's been roughly a million years since I posted, I thought it's only polite to start Blogtober with a little life update of what's been going on in our world over the past year.

I guess the main change is that I've found myself a single mama again. I'm not one for writing about personal stuff on the internet (barring the odd, shameless subtweet or passive aggressive meme...not sorry) but given that the overall theme of this blog is family orientated it seems a little odd to skip over it altogether. I've done the whole single mother thing before but Jack was a baby then. Don't get me wrong it was still challenging but in a different way. Now the physical logistics of parenting, working, school runs, appointments, assemblies, freelancing, cooking, cleaning, attending children's parties (seriously, there seems to be one every week) and trying to maintain some sort of social life are a juggling act like no other. It's exhausting but I've found a lot of comfort in being ridiculously busy to be honest. I'm just not sure how sustainable it is!

Jack is now in year 1 and still enjoying school. I've found that there seems to have been a lot less communication now that he's moved up. I guess when they start foundation there's a lot of open days and inductions whereas this time I haven't even seen his classroom or properly met his teacher. Trying to get information out of him is as fruitless as ever...if I ask what his teacher is like his usual answer is 'nice with a long ponytail' but that's where the character statement ends. Still, he is progressing well and seems happy enough.

This coming Saturday I turn 31 and it feels like a lot has changed since my last birthday. 2017 has been a year of surprises and change - not always good. The future seems a lot more uncertain than it did this time last year but in a way I guess that's exciting. The other day I got a fortune cookie with the message 'happier days are definitely ahead of you' so I'm going with that for now.

Bit of a random second post for Blogtober and probably of no interest whatsoever to most people reading this, but it feels good to be writing again. I can't promise the content I produce this month is going to get much better but as long as the words are flowing I feel like it's progress!

See you tomorrow when I'll try and have a more October-y themed post lined up.


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