Blogtober - Day 1 - Make or break

Six months has passed since my last blog post. And six months had passed before the one prior to that. That's two posts in a year. I am a terrible blogger.

The truth is, this isn't the first time that this has happened. More than once now I've found myself being super enthusiastic about starting a new blog, really dedicating myself to it for a few months then rapidly losing interest. A lot of this comes from my own self deprecating nature - I tend to write content then re-read it a few months later, hate it, cringe at it, delete it and make a solemn oath never to write again. Hence none of my blogs have ever stood the test of time.

But I miss writing. So I've made a last minute decision to go from one massive extreme to another and attempt to take part in Blogtober - one post every day for the full month of October (very last minute given the first day is almost over, oops).

I'll be honest, I probably won't make it. And I can't promise that the stuff I write is going to be very inspiring or interesting. I'm a little out of practice and this is, after all, more posts in a month than I've probably written since my blog began. But maybe it'll kick start my love of blogging again and just encourage me to write something...anything!

Watch this space.


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