On Your Fifth Birthday

Jack, yesterday you were five! That's half a decade old! And although your rubbish mummy hasn't blogged in nearly 6 months (yikes) this is one post I felt determined to keep up with.

At five you are almost unrecognisable from the little boy you were this time last year. School has played a big part in that. You are so much more independent now. You skip off into school every day without a backwards glance. You happily go on play dates without me. You like to zip up your own coat and put on your own shoes without my help. It's all very impressive but come on kid, you're making me feel redundant here!

At five you are a huge fan of Marvel, dinosaurs, Star Wars, Horrid Henry (unfortunately) and Trolls - especially Guy Diamond because, I quote, 'He can shoot glitter out of his bum'. Despite me trying hard to avoid gender stereotypes it's become clear that you are a 'boys boy' through and through - weapons, fighting, worms and boobies are all among your top favourite topics of conversation.

You absolutely love to draw and write. Every night you'll night you'll sit and write love notes to the people you like best in the world - usually your teacher and best friend (the other Jack) but sometimes I'm still lucky enough to receive the odd bit of post too. I love the way your brain works and watching that look of concentration on your face as you try to figure something out. The other day you wrote a note to your friend Samuel and spelt his name SAMEEWUL. Which was, of course, completely wrong but it makes me so proud to see how hard you're trying and that even when you get it wrong, you're still kind of right.

You still have that same fiery temper. You can go from 0-craycray in about 2 seconds flat and sometimes it's pretty frightening to watch. But overall I'm confident that you know right from wrong and understand the fundamentals of being a good person...always remember the most important thing to be is kind.

This year you had your first proper birthday party complete with church hall, bouncy castle and entertainer - the infamous Disco Dean no less. It was chaos from start to finish and, I won't lie, I'm not in a rush to do it again. But only because I felt I was too preoccupied buttering bread, buying oversized Spiderman balloons and making cups of tea to fully enjoy your special day with you. Still, you absolutely loved it and that's all that matters.

Yesterday morning we had a conversation and I said I was feeling a bit emotional. You asked what that meant and I told you it meant I had a lot of feelings. 'A lot of feelings about me being five?' you asked. And you were right. Because every year you get a bit older, bigger and closer to going your own way in life I experience the same mixture of sadness and pride. I still occasionally catch glimpses of baby Jack - like when you're sucking your thumb or fiddling with my hair because you're tired - but there is no denying you're a big boy now and you're finding your own way in life.

Whatever you do, I'll always be so proud of you.

Happy birthday Jack. I love you.

Mummy xx


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