Preparing To Move House...Mum Style

A house move is on the cards.

The details haven't been finalised but if everything goes to plan we could be in our new home before September. And while it's all very exciting, my brain is well and truly frazzled just thinking about it. Although I've moved house lots of times, this will be the first time I've done it with a child (and all of his belongings) in tow. Of course I'm being super organised and super productive and I'm definitely not in TOTAL DENIAL about everything that needs to be done in the weeks ahead *nervous laughter*

These are just a few of the ways I've been preparing.

Creating Pinterest boards
Mortgages? Surveys? Solicitor fees? Nah mate...I'm focusing on the important stuff: colour schemes, gallery walls and cushion covers. When moving house, your first priority is to turn to Pinterest for lots of interior design inspiration even when there a million more important and grown up things to worry about. These Velux blinds, a Kallax cubed storage unit from IKEA and a rose quartz/lilac grey colour scheme in the bedroom are all on my wish list. In case you were wondering. (You weren't).

Collecting boxes
I have found some comfort and reassurance in collecting boxes. If I am collecting boxes then I am doing something useful. It doesn't matter if nothing has yet been packed into said boxes and that the boxes themselves are actually creating more clutter and chaos. Boxes are good.

Awkward telephone calls
Having never bought a house before I'm embarrassingly clueless when it comes to speaking to estate agents and solicitors about the proceedings on the phone. Kind of reveling in the fact that I'm a proper grown up now, kind of wanting to hand the phone to my mum to deal with all the really important stuff.

Trying (unsuccessfully) to de-clutter
We've been lucky to rent a house that has more space than we need but it has encouraged me to keep hold of a lot of unnecessary crap. We are overrun with plastic tat that Jack hasn't played with for several years and yet when I discreetly try and put it in the charity shop box he suddenly decides 'but I love it mummy.' Which, in fairness, is very similar to how I am when attempting to throw out some of the dresses I haven't worn for a million years.

The charity shop box - full of forgotten tat treasures
Getting emotional
I tend to get emotionally attached to places I've lived in for any length of time and often leave subtle mementos behind for the next inhabitant - a string of heart shaped bunting in my old uni room, a penciled scrawl of 'Lozza was 'ere 2k+3' in the airing cupboard of the bungalow I lived in with my mum as a teen. I can already feel myself getting emotional about leaving the house I brought Jack back to as a newborn baby. The kitchen floor where he took his first steps, the living room window under which his moses basket used to sit, the stains on the carpet from spilled drinks and projectile vomit. It'll be hard to say goodbye but it's also exciting to think about moving on to the next chapter of our lives and building what will hopefully be our forever home.


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