Reasons Why My Kid Is Cooler Than I Am

I'll happily admit that I've never really been one of life's cool kids but it comes to something when your 4 year old son can out-swag you. I've suspected it for some time now, so here are some of the ways that my kid is cooler than I am. Sob.

He rocks the headwear
I've always dreamed of being able to pull off a baggy beanie but alas, I'm just not a hat person. Jack, however, suits a variety of styles. Here he is rocking the 90's indie band bucket hat, the badboy-backward-cap and the Dappy from N-dubz bobble hat.

He is socially confident
I'm not exactly an introvert but I do find speaking to strangers a little awkward at times. Not Jack. He will happily force himself on approach any child who takes his fancy, introduce himself with a suave 'I'm Jack and I like Batman' and join in with their games whether they want him to or not. Last week at soft play he found himself a few playmates and when I asked him to come out and have some lunch he replied with 'I can't mummy, I'm busy with the fellas.' #mandem

I love nothing more than a good belly laugh but you very rarely see grown adults full on guffawing in public, probably because we feel self conscious about being loud, toothy and silly in front of other grown ups. I think it's a shame that we censor our happiness like this and I'm pleased that Jack (and most other small children for that matter) will unashamedly laugh REALLY, REALLY LOUDLY wherever and whenever they want to.

He's a better dancer
It could be break dancing or it could just be flinging himself around the floor like a rabid squirrel. Either way, it beats my moves.

He's so sassy
I sometimes wonder where he gets his attitude from. Definitely not me. With his catalogue poses, cheeky eye rolls and top bantz, he definitely has more sass than I ever will.

He doesn't conform
There's something quite endearing about a social rebel isn't there? Not the criminal kind; just those who don't conform to social etiquette because they give zero fucks about what anyone else thinks. This is my son when he loudly chants Jingle Bells in a monotone voice as we walk around Tesco. In March.

He's so laid back
I am a flapper. I flap. Faced with a tricky situation or in the event of things not going quite how I'd planned I get all red faced and flustered. It's not a good look. Jack, however, takes everything in his stride. He just adapts and gets on with it; out of the two of us it's usually me who panics and cries. He has all the chill.

He's never had a bad outfit day
Not many people can get away with socks and sandals, shorts and wellies or pirate hats in public. But he can quite easily commit these crimes against fashion and still look cool while doing so.

"Yeah I'll be with you in a minute mum, can't you see I'm chatting to my bredrin?!"


  1. Kids are so cool...
    My girls are way cooler than me too. Just don't let them know. hehehe

    1. Haha I think he's fully aware that he's the cool kid in our house. I think a lot of it is the 'I don't care what anyone else thinks' attitude. I wish I had a bit more of that!
      Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. This is such a good post. Children are so awesome.
    And I laughed out loud at 'I can't mummy, I'm busy with the fellas' Hahaha So cute!
    Sarah xx

    1. I know, I don't know where he's got fellas from but it was pretty cute. Wish I had his swag lol.
      Thanks for reading :) xx