The Great Ear Piercing Debate

This week Katie Price has been critisised after posting a photo on Instagram of her daughter, Bunny, with pierced ears at the tender age of eighteen months old. This is one of those sensitive subjects that tends to get even the most laid back of parents riled up. In the red corner you'll have the parenting police shouting 'child abuse' and imploring government bans. In the blue corner the advocates will be defending their choice to put holes through their offspring's earlobes in the name of culture and cuteness. It rattles on and never really comes to any conclusion, but then it never does when it comes to different parenting styles does it?

Being the mum of a boy-child it's probably not something I need to worry about too much. Allegedly 72% of the pierced population are female (I guess this isn't taking into account Mr JT's unfortunate lobe bling during the early 2000's - otherwise known as the Supernoodle era).

But if I did have girls, I still wouldn't do it. My main reason for this is that I wouldn't want to inflict unnecessary pain on a baby or small child. I'm not just talking about the process of shooting metal through their delicate flesh, but the risk of infection afterwards or the very real possibility of them yanking the earrings out - either in deliberate protest of being blinged against their will or in some catastrophic, soft play incident (seriously, can you imagine the blood, the horror, the carnage?) For me, it's just not worth taking the risk over something so unnecessary. I also don't particularly like the look of small children with small earlobes stuffed full of cheap gold and that's just my personal taste. Ultimately, I believe that it's down to Jack to decide if he wants to express himself through the medium of the Claire's Accessories piercing gun when he's of an appropriate age to do so - just like I did.

Those are my opinions and they're reflected in my parenting choices. Does that mean I'll shout them in the face of any parent who disagrees? No. Does it mean I'll take to social media to brand mothers who do choose to pierce their children's ears as 'child abusers?' Definitely not. I don't agree with it, I wouldn't do it and I don't particularly like it but I think comparing it to abuse is ludicrous. And I'm pretty sick of seeing parents attacking each others choices in a bid to justify their own. What can possibly be gained from it?

Celebrities in particular seem to be fair game for such vitriol whether it's Katie Price and the pierced ears, the Beckham's and the dummy or Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes and the high heels. Just because these people are in the public eye, does it mean they deserve such foul and disproportionate abuse for their parenting choices? I don't think so. Providing that the children are well cared and not in mortal danger, it's really nobody else's business.

So while I wouldn't personally pierce my children's ears, I really couldn't give a toss if Katie Price has. Live and let live, I say.


  1. I wouldnt do it for the exact same reasons as you! I really dont agree with it at all. xx

  2. I wouldn't do it for the same reasons as you. But it's up to each family whether they do this or not. It's none of my business.

  3. I only have sons, so not an issue here either, but I would have waited until asked by the child and then do it at start of summer school holiday period. My parents wouldn't let me get my ears pierced, so I had mine done when I left home #weekendblogshare

  4. I feel the same way as you-and I wrote a blog post about it too! Basically very much the same sort of sentiment. #weekendblogshare

  5. I agree with you here! I am 34 and have never pierced my ears. Not because I was afraid, I just never wanted to. It's my minimalist way of being different ;) So I decided that my daughter should be able to make that choice, too. I wouldn't poke a decorative hole in her body without her permission. When she wants to, we'll get them pierced.