10 Signs That You're a Working Mum

Regardless of your employment status, being a mum is a full time job and a constant juggling act. But if, like me, you're a mum who also happens to go out to a conventional workplace for part of the week (where you're usually required to give the impression of being competent and professional and awake) then things can definitely get tricky. There will almost certainly be some giveaway signs that you're a working mum. Here are some I've experienced.

1) No matter how early you get up in the morning you will always arrive at work at least 10 minutes late as standard. On the mornings when you're running particularly late your child will refuse to go into nursery unless you spend 20 minutes kissing and cajoling him.

2) You will regularly arrive at work with spatterings of your child's breakfast and/or bodily fluids somewhere on your person. You won't notice this until mid morning by which time you've greeted most of the management.

3) You know the true meaning of the walking dead when forced to attend a 2 hour, AM meeting on fire safety after being up all night with a poorly toddler.

4) You often reach into your bag for some work related item and instead pull out Buzz Lightyear.

5) Your packed lunch will usually contain all one of the following: Pom Bears, a Milkybar or a fruit bag (because nothing says sophistication like some pre-sliced apple in a cellophane packet with waving fruits on it).

6) You will find yourself humming 'Hello, hello...how are you?' in the photocopier room more often that you'd care to admit.

7) You have the most productive lunch breaks ever. This is your prime opportunity to cram all of those mundane but necessary jobs into one, toddler-free hour. These may include hair cuts, smear tests or Tesco big shops.

8) On a Sunday evening you secretly feel a little bit excited about the prospect of a solo wee, having adult conversation and drinking a coffee while it's still hot.

9) You feel like a rubbish mum when you leave your child to go to work.

10) You feel like a rubbish employee when you leave work to go to your child.

Are you a working mum? Do you juggle the two roles successfully?

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  1. I am a working mother, but my daughter is 11 so I have already dealt with many of the issues you list here and moved onto new ones. I still cram the world into my lunch break. And I still seem to get to work late a lot. I don't know if I juggle the roles very successfully, but we do our best, right? :)

  2. Hahaha,I completely understand where you're coming from! I work part-time and still feel conflicted. When I'm at work I do a good job, but often wonder if they can tell when I'm winging it having had no sleep the night before. #fartglitter

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Torn between the need to be productive and carry on working and the things I don´t have tim eto do with my son. It´s not easy! #fartglitter

  4. Oh yes I can totally relate, especially 9 & 10. I constantly pull toys out of my bags / pockets, today it was a lightening mcqueen car, which was only worse in that I realised he would be looking for it. I promised to leave it with him in nursery - whoops!! yvonne X #fartglitter

  5. Sounds very familiar. The last two days our tot has been up every hour with sinusitis and a fever. During that time I've also worked, applied for three jobs, had two Skype interviews and tried to out step a friend. Safe to say I'm not performing particularly well in any area.