Five Things That My Toddler Has In Common With Kanye West

Twitter was made for nights like last night. Unsurprisingly Kanye West's headlining set at Glastonbury divided opinions with some saying that he'd silenced his critics and others suggesting it was car crash TV. But amongst the hilarious tweets, the cherry picker, the BBC's non-offensive subtitles ('that's right ligger, motherducker') and Lee Nelson storming the stage, all I could think of was how much the self proclaimed 'greatest rock star in the world' has in common with my three year old son.

Neither like to take their coats off
In the dead of winter it's a half an hour job to persuade Jack to wear his coat and wellies, but as soon as it turns thirty degrees outside he decides its time for duffle coats and bobble hats. Kanye obviously shares the same notion for excessive clothing in sweltering temperatures. Never has his anagram of 'Sweaty Ken' been truer than under those several hundred spotlights. But would he take his jacket off? Would he heckers like. This would be understandable if it were a nice jacket, but looked like something he'd just done a large painting and decorating job in.

Both shout incoherently into a microphone
One does it on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury in front of thousands of spectators. The other does it in the conservatory on his karaoke keyboard in front of the cat. But either way, it still sounds like an assault on my ears.

Both have an excellent resting bitch face
No words necessary. 

Both are ever so slightly high maintenance
When Kanye appeared on Later...with Jools Holland he allegedly demanded that his dressing room was all white and the carpet was ironed (?!?!?!) Apparently he insists his chauffeurs wear 100% cotton clothing (no man made fibers here) and always asks for natural yoghurt and shower shoes in his riders. I can only imagine that his wrath when these demands aren't met are similar to Jack's when his dinosaurs aren't lined up in the correct order or his bean juice touches his chips.

Regardless, both are still pretty cool
No matter how ridiculous, self centered, high maintenance or hard work they are, I can't deny that both of these dudes have the #swag gene.

Ballin' so hard


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    1. Thanks Kim (not THE Kim, I'm guessing?!)
      Here's hoping he grows up to be as rich as Kanye (but perhaps a bit less ridiculous).
      Thank you for reading xx

  2. Heh heh heh - loving this.
    And I was at 'that' performance at Glastonbury, half dancing about and half shouting 'WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS THIS MAN?'

    1. I still can't decide if it was epic or just a total car crash. Memorable though which is always good!
      And the similarities between these two is undeniable either way!
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing :) x

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    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it :) x

  4. Genius! NEVER allow two non-matching foods to touch! Can you imagine the carnage??

    1. Oh I've definitely learnt the perils of poor dinnertime etiquette!
      Thanks for reading :) x

  5. This is brilliant.

    Kanye West is also an anagram of Wanky Set.

    I didnt watch him as I can't stand him but did watch on Twitter, and that anagram seems about write.

    Superb post.

    1. Wanky Set and Sweaty Ken are both scarily appropriate anagrams for that set!
      Thanks so much for reading, sharing and for your comments :) x