The First Post *gulp*

Eeeeeeeek. The dreaded first post. They always sound a bit gimpy don't they? I'll try not to sound too gimpy. Here goes.

I'm Laura and this is my new blog - a parenting blog about being a bit rubbish and a bit dysfunctional but still having lots of fun on this crazy journey through motherhood. I've written a couple of blogs in the past but for whatever reason I never stuck at them. Since having my son though, I find that there are so many memories I want to record, lessons I want to jot down, issues I want to discuss, funny moments I want to share and occasions where I just need a bloody good rant. I love to write so this seems like the logical way to do all of those things. Over the past few years I've also been following some really amazing parenting blogs that have inspired me to have another crack at it myself. I can't promise that the posts you read here will be useful or particularly well written. They may often be ranty and sweary. But they will always be honest and I hope you'll enjoy them.

For more info about me and my dysfunctional family, see the About tab.

I need to thank the very talented Gillian for prettifying my blog in ways that are far beyond my IT capabilities. Also, Neil Slorance who drew my lovely logo.

Phew, that wasn't too painful was it?


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